Humanist Ceremonies focus on the things that unite us - and the greatest of these is love.
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The Humanist Celebrant Network is an association of like minded Celebrants. Based in Australia, it includes both Australian Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrants and General Celebrants.

The Humanist Celebrant Network has been in existence for many years and is recognised by the Australian Commonwealth Attorney General's Department as an official Celebrant Association for purposes of celebrant consultation and disbursement of celebrant electronic publications and other notices and representations.

High Court Justice, Senator, and former Attorney General of Australia, Lionel Murphy, subscribed to Humanist beliefs and in consequence initiated the Civil Celebrant Program in Australia. Prior to 1973 the only alternatives available to marrying couples were to marriage in a religious ceremony or in a Registry Office. The Civil Celebrant Program has proven very popular with marrying couples, 70% of whom now marry in civil ceremonies. There are over 9,600 civil celebrants authorised by the Australian Government to solemnise marriages 24/7 anywhere in Australia.

There are Humanist Celebrant Network member celebrants in most states.

For information about a Humanist Celebrant in your area, see To Find a Celebrant or Celebrant Directory, or email us:   Contact us

Humanist Ceremonies

Humanist ceremonies are sincere, meaningful and very personal. They tend also to be relaxed and comfortable, and they are very inclusive because they highlight those things everyone present has in common.

While they are non-religious, they are never anti-religious.

A Humanist ceremony has scope for light-heartedness, for laughter and informality, but you can also have a ceremony that has a traditional feel and is very formal. It is up to you. Apart from the minimal legal requirements where those are applicable, a Humanist Celebrant will not direct you to include anything in your ceremony or not impose his or her own style onto your ceremony. Your ceremony will not only be all about you, it will be authentic to you.




Asking for

Philanthropy — small, medium, or large


1973 Attorney General Lionel Murphy,
first Humanist of the Year, created Civil Celebrants
to free Humanists from the cords
which tied them to the church.


His aim was to bring dignity to
secular people through ceremonies.
The program has been a huge success
but has received substantial
and serious setbacks in the last ten years.


Most Funeral Directors, to whom people turn
at the time of death, only "recommend" celebrants
who adhere to their unstated low fee schedule.


This fee is extremely low (especially in NSW and Queensland) such that those who choose to do quality secular funerals are soon forced to leave the profession or lower standards.


We need assistance to advertise for celebrants to be contacted first
 — before the funeral director.


For further explanation:


Dally Messenger  or  0411 717 303




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